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The №1 Myth About Cognitive Biases:

In popular media, cognitive biases are portrayed as this list of errors people make, at fault for most problems in the world.

Yes, biases do obstruct clear, systematic thinking.

However, neither do we think with 100% objectivity all the time.

Our thinking is confounded with facts, beliefs and mental models — which includes cognitive biases.

It has been this way for centuries, and for good reason. Until we can re-engineer a brain and upgrade our biology, this is set to stay the same.

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If you just had to remember just one thing about me, it is that I am the type of person who gets up every time I fail, just one more time.

I am Tony Tong, a year 4 student from the School of Computing.

I’ll be sharing 3 things about me, and what motivated me to join Toastmasters.

The first thing is what I had said earlier.

The second thing…

One of my favorite hobbies is meditation.

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Demons. Insecurities. Fears. Ego.

We all have them.

It’s easy to ignore them in this data-driven world of social media, commercials and cute Instagram photos.

It’s easy to focus on other people and ignore everything about ourselves.

Darkness Is Always Tempting…

After chasing the many things as bred by society — fame, wealth, good jobs, I’ve begun to see the impermanence in such pursuits, and the vanity that comes…

After working as a data science intern in a Silicon Valley startup, I began to see why data science truly was a field that motivated me.

Beyond all the programming, database fixing and technical heavy-lifting, I found my real juice in the machine learning algorithms as these were rapidly evolving, time-tested methods of quantitative reasoning inspired from human thought.

Walkthrough this:

Since Socrates revolutionised the way we reason, humans have always explored intelligent thinking in creative ways, pushing the boundaries of our mental capacities.

The goal here was to be as logically correct, as the rewards were the ability to…

Disclaimer: This is a personal reflection aimed to help anyone who can receive value from my introspective verbiage. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of NOC, NUS or any other entity involved with this program.

Mental models are conceived representations of how the world works.

They run our lives, economies, relationships, businesses, governments and everything in between.

Look around you.

Everything you see around you was at some point, just a mental model in someone else’s head.

Some mental models see the light of day, in physical manifestations like charts and objects.

And yet…most mental models remain largely invisible.

They remain under-explained and under-utilised, hidden inside the brains of people who don’t articulate it out in the world.

The only hint of its existence comes from the occasional one-liner quote from someone successful, through some…

In my Mental Model Mastermind(MMM) Series, I crystallise mental models from successful entrepreneurs, innovators and shakers — extracting out their essence that makes them tick, and how you can apply their principles to improve your odds of greatness.

MJ DeMarco was born to a dysfunctional family in Chicago. His parents went through a messy divorce spanning years.

While his friends were talking about the latest video game, he was wondering how to help his mom put money on the table.

In my Mental Model Mastermind(MMM) Series, I crystallise mental models from successful entrepreneurs, innovators and shakers — extracting out their essence that makes them tick, and how you can apply their principles to improve your odds of greatness.

Tom Bilyeu grew up in a morbidly obese family in Tacoma, Washington.

At 22, he was so poor he had to scrounge through his mom’s couch for loose change just to pay gas money.

Growing up, he was never the smartest nor the most athletic person in the room. His family had zero entrepreneurial background.

But despite all odds, he became the…

I laid my pencil down on the cold, wooden table.

Taking a break, I took 2 deep breaths, calming the chaotic flurry of thoughts in my quiet study room.

My fingers reflexively zoomed across the keyboard, typing what is the distractions of all distractions .

Within seconds, the familiar blue bar appeared — I was searching for a dopamine hit. My eyes gleaned over the first post that appeared on my Facebook feed.

“In less than a year, Freedom Funnels has hit $100,000 of revenue…”

…beamed a post from Mark Thompson (my business mentor), to tons of cheers from the…

This is not going to be an academic discussion on music theory.

To those who never understood all the weird letters and ###’s in music papers and just dive into the mixes straight, I’m that guy.

Of course, most times they don’t turn out well. I used to be almost afraid of singing cos I felt I didn’t have the “right vocal cords” for singing.

I never saw myself in those prim and proper music classes that had correct theories, but I’ve also had some notion of “grading” singing based on popular vote.

I heard singers with perfect pitch songs…

Tony Tong

Built a 6-figure marketing funnel business while in college. 24. Obsessed with algorithmic thinking, meditation and flow.

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